Aroma / Homeo - rodents: Asepsis of wounds, abscesses

Aroma / Homeo - rodents: Asepsis of wounds, abscesses


Has your rabbit or ferret injured itself with its cage and you want to disinfect its wound before it gets infected? Have you noticed a wound on your rat and want to sanitize it ? However, you want a natural product for your rodent .


I therefore offer you my special rodent synergy to sanitize the wounds and superficial wounds of your animal. Subtle balance Aromethrapy with essential oils, high quality plants and Homeopathy


Be careful to clean the wound with physiological serum before applying the synergy to the wound of your rodent.


It is essential to have in your first aid kit when you have a pet. This makes it possible to treat your animal as soon as the wound appears to avoid complications such as infections. Valuable complement to veterinary treatment.

  • Composition

    Lavender, Rosemary, Cistus Hydrosol, Hepar, Hypericum, Arnica, Chamomile, Nigella