Aroma / Homeo - Dog Kennel cough and other respiratory infections

Aroma / Homeo - Dog Kennel cough and other respiratory infections


Does your dog have a runny nose and eyes ? Is your pet coughing and their airways seem irritated? Do not wait any longer ! Treat it at the first symptoms with the synergy designed especially for your dog against kennel cough, colds and any other respiratory tract infections.


Subtle balance between Aromatherapy based on high quality essential and vegetable oils and Homeopathy


The dosage differs of course depending on the weight of your dog :

  • less than 1kg: 1 drop,
  • between 1 and 5 kg: 2 drops,
  • more than 5 kg: 3 drops.


To treat your dog for his kennel cough or other respiratory infections, it is recommended to apply it once a day for 7 days. Then you come to a complete stop for 3 days . You can start the same cycle again if your pet is still in pain. You can also put 2 drops on your hands and gently massage your dog's sides and chest.


Be careful to shake the bottle well before any use so that the synergy is homogeneous. Its 10 mL format allows long-term use or in addition to veterinary treatment


Do not use on another animal

  • Composition

    Scots pine, Ho wood, Eucalyptus, thyme, Apis, Allium, Nux, Arnica, Nigella, Hazelnut