Rodent aromatherapy: ear infections

Rodent aromatherapy: ear infections


Are you looking for a natural product to clean and treat rodent ears ? Do you want an alternative to chemical treatments for your rat, ferret or rabbit? Does your rodent produce a lot of earwax or scratch its ears often ? Then this synergy for rodent ear infection is for you.


Thanks to this blend of high quality oils, your pet will be relieved and treated in the event of an ear infection or in the event of an overproduction of earwax in your rabbit.


How to apply it?

Curative: Apply it with a cotton swab inside your cat's ear, 3 times a day on the 1st day then 2 times a day for 5 days.

Preventive: once or twice a month if the ears are dirty

Valuable complement to veterinary treatment


  • Composition

    Eucalyptus, Tea tree, lavender, Hazelnut