Maison Repellent Spray 250 ML

Maison Repellent Spray 250 ML


Tired of cleaning up your pet's urine on the couch or on your mattress ? Are you fed up with your plants dying from your dog's urine? Are you tired of finding your charger wires eaten away or your curtains torn ?

Are you looking for a natural product to effectively keep animals away from your plants, your sofas or other specific places in your home? Do you want an animal repellent that is not harmful to their health?

So I have the solution. I have concocted a natural animal repellent spray based on high quality essential oils . It works inside your house as well as in your garden . It is suitable for all types of animals : dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, etc.

It is harmless to humans, animals and the environment . Be careful not to spray it directly on your animal. It is applied on all supports in the absence of your animals. (mattresses, curtains, plant pots, sofa, corners of coffee tables, bins, etc.)

For an optimal repellent effect on your animals, it is important to shake the bottle well before spraying your area to be treated. This natural animal repellent spray does not stain. It can therefore be used on fabrics or fragile material without problem.

Its 250 ml format will protect your home for several months.

  • Composition

    Clove, Black pepper, Alcohol 70 °, Water